Using compact wood chippers for golf course maintenance

Preparing Your Golf Course for Winter Using Compact Wood Chippers

Not only do they bring colder mornings and shorter days, but the winter months present a number of challenges for greenkeepers. As a result, the focus shifts from summer turf management to winter preparation. Part of this maintenance involves the preservation and removal of trees and other shrubbery. This is where compact wood chippers can come in handy.

In today’s blog post, the team at Upson Mowers – the UK’s largest distributors of Skarper compact wood chippers, are discussing how you can prepare your golf course for winter using a dedicated landscaping chipper:

Cut back trees to expose turf to sunlight.

Overgrown trees surrounding your course may shield sunlight from the grass. As a result, the turf may suffer throughout the winter months. Plus, with the shorter days, the sunlight is limited so you want to maximise your exposure. Therefore, it’s important to cut back overgrown branches; this ensures the light gets to the turf as much as possible in winter. Our T90 and T120 Skarper compact wood chippers are designed for golf courses, private estates and parks where the need to access work sites often involves driving across sensitive turf areas without leaving marks.

Using a 4 x 4 utility vehicle like a gator or similar with one of our T90 or T120 chippers you can confidently drive around the course in the wettest months without leaving a trace. This ensures you can reach even the furthest trees on your grounds; clearing storm damage quickly and allowing grass to stay healthy across the entirety of your course.

Remove annual growth to make space for spring.

Most venues have a wide variety of shrubs and ornamental trees around the course, some of these will require annual pruning and there’s usually a lot of brash to process, sometimes long stems or branches and plenty of them too. Our collection of Skarper chippers may be compact but they are powerful. In fact, they are able to chip 20 cubic metres of branches per hour – that’s a lot of branches! Most courses frown upon burning nowadays for obvious reasons. Therefore, the benefits of using woodchip for mulching beds and wet laying paths are another reason to have your own chipper in the barn – available whenever you need it.

Here at Upson Mowers, we provide a range of high quality, small wood chippers and professional mowers – specifically for greenkeepers. They are designed to make your job easier and save you a significant amount of time. If you want to find out what the best small wood chipper is for you, why not get in touch with our team today on 01621 892907.