Stiga Mowers

Founded in Sweden in 1938, Stiga has a long standing reputation for quality. The original and still the best, the Stiga range has everything to offer the landscaper or gardener, both domestic and professional ride on machines, expert quality at competitive prices.

We offer a confident 5 year warranty on all Stiga ride on mowers, some commercial warranties are of course shorter.
Stiga have three main ranges of ride on mower to offer with several models in each range.


Stiga, Quality Lawn Mowers

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Stiga Front mowers

Front mowers give you a unique perspective of exactly what you are mowing, so you can comfortably cut closer to obstacles and into ‘dead end’ spaces. Cutting height can be adjusted at the push of a button from a comfortable, ergonomically designed drivers station.

The articulated steering on all front mowers gives you comfortable mowing around trees and other obstacles, you can feel totally in control and satisfied that you made the right choice when it comes to choosing a mower which excels in areas where obstructions can slow conventional machines down and also covers large open areas quickly and cleanly leaving a perfectly manicured finish

The 3 rotor Elec deck gives a superb quality finish, especially with the mulching plug in.

We cut the grass at Upson mowers with a Stiga front mower and it does everything we need, mowing around 90 degree corners, literally folding itself around the obstacle and not missing a single blade of grass, which thankfully means hardly any strimming, the back end follows the front with zero swing so you don’t need to look behind you when turning, it’s also very good at mulching leaves, we always recommend the three blade electric deck.

Popular models

  • Stiga 520P with 100cm Elec Deck
  • Stiga 540PX with 100cm Elec Deck
  • Stiga 340 IX Pro with 110 or 125 Elec Deck
  • Stiga 540 IX Pro with 125 Elec deck

Stiga Estate Mowers

The Estate Range covers several models of classic lawn tractor, with affordable entry level machines right up to heavy duty 4-wheel drive models with plenty to choose from there is something in the range to suit almost every application, they are also versatile machines, the robust cutter decks can easily be set to 3 different options.

Cut and collect, for taking the clippings away or leaf clearance, the large collectors with easy tip function make light work of removing debris.

Cut and mulch, where grass disposal is a problem the mulch function literally makes the clippings disappear and reduces leaves to small pieces which return quickly to the soil.

Cut and drop, with the addition of a rear mounted deflector the Estate can be set to cut and drop which is the best option for cutting longer grass.

Popular models

  • Stiga Estate 5092H
  • Stiga Estate
  • Stiga Estate

Stiga Tornado Range

The Tornado’s from Stiga are like a mini tractor with a mid-mounted side discharge deck.

Very capable of taking down larger weeds and long grass, the tornado’s come with wider decks than the Estate range and at 118cm with the option to convert to a mulching deck they can be a cost-effective way to cover larger areas and still maintain a fine lawn finish

The absence of a collector means you either cut and drop or cut and mulch but in must cases this is more than sufficient.

Popular models

  • Stiga Tornado
  • Stiga Tornado
  • Stiga Tornado Pro