Out Front Flail Mowers


Shibaura CM 374 c/c Muthing Flail

Shibaura are a world leading Japanese engineering company who have proved themselves as a trade renowned producer of high quality compact tractors . You’ve probably used one of their products without realising it due to their partnership with other leading brands who for more than 25 years have rebadged Shibaura’s machines with their own name for the European market. The CM374 out front mower is a powerful (38 HP), strong yet comfortable machine.

A two range hydrostatic (high and low) transmission develops more torque for climbing hills. The mower has an automatic 4WD system which cleverly recognises any loss in grip on the front wheels and instantly engages the rear axle. The lift arms are chassis mounted for extra strength. A weight transfer device is fitted which helps the power unit to take some of the weight of the cutting deck, increasing traction in slippery conditions.


John Deere 1565 c/w. muthing flail

John Deere’s answer to the Kubota 3680 and the Shibaura CM374, a powerful 38 HP Yanmar keeps this mower in contention, a comfortable operators station as well as all the usual features Dual speed gearbox, diff lock and 4-wheel drive. With a Muthing Flail on the front these are well up there as one of best out front flail mowers available.


Kubota F3890 c/w. Muthing Flail

The Kubota 3680 needs no introduction; it is a powerful machine from a trusted brand. The 38 HP Kubota engine means you’ve always got plenty of energy in reserve, dual speed gearbox gives you more torque for mowing and hill climbing while the fast gear gives you a decent speed for transport on the road, optional 4 wheel drive and a diff lock means you can get out of sticky situations, these as we’ve already mentioned are superb rotary out fronts, a simple bolt on kit adapts them to carry our preferred (German built) Muthing flail decks, I have personally cut some very thick tall grass with this outfit and it reduces it to a neat mulch in one pass, high performance coupled with a comfortable ergonomic operator platform makes this outfit a capable machine that’s also nimble and easy to manoeuvre.