Hustler Mowers

We love American machinery, its true!

It’s always tough and very well built, it always lasts longer than you hoped and its fair to say that it’s usually very well designed and a pleasure to use. Hustler turf equipment is one of the brands which helped to create this reputation, they’re super strong, ultra-reliable mowers and have some of the nicest operator controls in the business, including features that other machines simply don’t have.

Hustler mowers are competitively priced and are fast becoming the number one choice for serious professionals who are looking to reduce cutting times and increase efficiency with zero turn mowers.

Hustler are one of the top mower brands in the U.S. and are now starting to develop a cult following in the UK, People who have purchased one already know what we’re talking about, those who haven’t yet should consider having a demo before buying anything else.

Everything is well thought out, the height of cut can be adjusted from the operator’s station in a few seconds, the controls feel intuitive and everything is right where you need it, Hustler have several patented ideas which are unique to the brand, making them some of the best zero turn mowers available in the UK.

Competitive pricing, excellent build quality, innovation and unique features, superb cut quality, super tough decks, smooth trak drive systems, low ground pressure, excellent grip and long commercial warranties – That’s exactly what we want for our customers. Please note, most of the American videos you see on you tube show hustlers with side discharge decks. Rear discharge and mulching decks are also available for all commercial models at no extra cost.


Hustler, Tough by Nature

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The Hustler MDV

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