How Tree Surgeons Benefit From Wood Chippers

If you’re in the business of tree surgery, a wood chipper is likely to already be commonplace in your arsenal, but that’s not guaranteed. There are plenty of smaller companies that still take branches to the green waste dump – miles from the job. There are a few other options when it comes to dealing with branches, but perhaps none as quick and economical as a wood chipper.

In today’s blog post, the team at Upson Mowers – the UK’s largest distributor of Skarper wood chippers – are offering some insight into the multiple benefits of using a compact wood chipper to dispose of felled branches in the back garden

Quicker Cleanup

Gathering branch after branch and awkwardly cramming them all into a huge bag ready to be taken to an appropriate recycling facility? Does this sound at all familiar? This process is painstakingly tedious and can feel quite counterintuitive. Especially when you realise the amount of space left in the bag between the tangle of branches.

A much quicker method of cleanup is to simply feed all the branches into the mouth of a wood chipper; doing this rewards you with a bountiful supply of wood chips. Making the smart decision to opt for a Skarper-brand compact wood chipper will leave you with an intense feeling of satisfaction. With one, you’ll quickly and easily turn that big pile of branches into a small pile of chips.

Zero Burn Waste

It can seem incredibly wasteful to burn a huge amount of wood for the sheer purpose of getting rid of it. Not to mention the negative effects this frequent burning will have on the environment. By introducing a wood chipper to your set of essential tools, this excessive wood burning will become a thing of the past.

Anything that’s too big to go through a Skarper chipper will essentially make good firewood. So, you can still get your fix of the delightful smell of wood smoke, whilst clearing up the evidence of your exploits in a much greener and time-efficient way.

Very Economical

Owning a wood chipper is economical in every sense of the word, especially for a tree surgeon. After all, they will make constant use out of it. A Skarper wood chipper will provide great value for the money you invest in it, the time you spend using it and the minimal amount of effort it takes to operate it.

These machines are capable of chipping 20 cubic metres of branches per hour; they are sure to turn the tedium of cleanup into an exciting and satisfying process that finishes off a successful session of tree surgery with ease.

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