Guide To Wood Chipper Safety

For those in the tree care industry, compact wood chippers are a great tool for clearing areas of overgrown bushes and maintenance of small and medium trees – especially in hard to reach areas. Wood chippers are essential to save time and effort in the process of cutting down trees. However, it’s important to remember that chippers are powerful machines. The blades used in a wood chipper slice through wood and chip down tree branches in seconds. This could easily be your hand or arm if things go wrong, so it’s important to stay safe around them. 

At Upson Mowers, we understand the benefits of utilising wood chippers for your business. However, the team want to stress the importance of using them correctly in order to prevent accidents. After speaking to our team who have plenty of mechanical and arboricultural experience, here is our basic safety guide to using wood chippers:

Read the operator’s manual

Always familiarise yourself with machinery before you start using it. Operators instructions should be provided with the machinery, providing you with useful information that will keep you safe and teach you how to get the best from your machines. One of the most important rules before you start any machine is to make sure you know how to use it effectively and how to stop it in an emergency. 

Feed in Lighter Loads

Make sure to only load material that fit easily into the chute of your compact wood chipper. We would advise always reducing the spread of larger branches to avoid accidents when feeding this type of material.

Set Up A Safe Zone  

Skarper compact wood chippers have a widely adjustable high level chip chute. Care must be taken to ensure that chips exiting the machine cannot harm people, vehicles or property. It is also important that the operator loading the chipper is not hampered by the presence of people, stumps or other obstacles. Create a safe and tidy work zone and the job should run like clockwork.

Avoid Loose Clothing

Wearing protective gear is vital with a professional chipper. Hard hats, safety glasses and gloves to prevent any of the chipped material injuring the operator. Ear defenders and a face shield are also recommended. It’s also important to wear clothing that is tight fitting. Wearing loose clothing can increase your risk of getting tangled in the branches. Therefore, to avoid any incidents, make sure loose items are tucked in or wear overalls alongside the correct PPE. 

With the right wood chipper, you won’t have to worry about getting your arm caught in the machine. At Upson Mowers, we are proud to be the UK’s largest distributors of Skarper wood chippers. Skarper compact wood chippers are inherently safer than traditional wood chippers. With a lack of feed rollers and the length of the chute on the compact chipper, it is a much safer option for operators.

If you’re looking for a commercial garden shredder for hire, buying a wood chipper or professional mower get in touch with Upson Mowers today to find out how we can help you. Or check out Skarper’s website for more information: