Tractor Driven Flail Mowers


Amazone Flail Collectors

Amazone have been making machinery in Germany since 1883 their flail collector machines are some of the best available, we have several in our hire fleet but we also sell them, they work exceptionally well and can be fitted with cutting flails or scarifying blades or a mixture of the two.

Superb performance when used as leaf collectors, large areas can be cleared in a short time, everything mulched, collected and taken away. They can run into long grass and leave a carpet finish, the high tip models can dump grass cuttings or leaves directly on to the back of a truck.

It almost sounds too easy. I’ve also seen them used for harvesting wild flower meadows for seed.


Muthing Flail Mowers

As a Distributor for Muthing Flail mowers we can supply anything from the entire range both Horticultural and Agricultural – as most of our customers are interested in cutting commercial grass that is what we’ve listed.

As mechanical engineers ourselves, it is our opinion that Muthing are some of the best quality Flail mowers available, for a full range of products or to discuss what options are available, call us on 01621 892907